Traveling is many things. But above all it is learning. And when the learning is mutual, and both the visitor and the visited benefit... it becomes a higher form of travel.

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Sometimes we are touched by spontaneous and unexpected encounters. Some are uplifting, others heartbreaking. For certain stories confront us with sides of life from which we may have been mercifully spared.


And if the discomforting tellings of loss and pain and atrocity do not scare us off and we dare to stay and listen, such stories may put life into a new perspective. They may send us on an emotional roller-coaster into unknown territory. But they may also clarify our values and cause our priorities to shift. So we should listen to the stories of hardship and degradation.


We should empathise with other people in their battles and the falls they have taken. And we should rejoice in their victories. We should make an effort to understand the dreams we all carry. For our dreams are our treasure and they feed our hope. This keeps us going…






A series of personal encounters takes you on a journey into the lives, traditions and customs of the Ethiopian people.



This is a co-project between VenturePress and the people of Ethiopia. Giving the people a voice, together we are making a portrait of the Ethiopians.


Based on the ethnic and cultural diversity, the focus is on ways of lives, on traditions and customs. And it is on what the people themselves take pride in.



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Globally more than two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.



Coffee is the most preferred drink and the second most actively traded commodity in the World market. Surpassed only by petrolium, the volume is enormous: in 2006 the coffee traded amounted to around 140 billion US$.


Ethiopia is among the World’s largest coffee producers. But rather than being dependent on trade, millions of Ethiopians, including many coffee farmers, depend on humanitarian aid.



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