VenturePress is an entrepreneurial publishing house based in Denmark. Engaging in projects related to education, business, and culture, we support human effort, that can have a positive impact on the people involved and on the communities in which they live.



Our values


We view all mankind as one and insist that all people are given equal rights

We give people a voice and tell the stories no-one else is telling

We focus on that which makes people rich in their own eyes

We work as a business and through mutual effort

We work to empower, for we do not believe in dependency relations

We work to strengthen businesses, art and culture, cornerstones of a thriving community

We focus on solutions rather than problems

We are non-political



Joakim Larsen


is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a photographer and a writer with a background in economics, logistics and tourism. He has travelled extensively in Africa and has developed a deep affection for the Mother Continent.


Being a traveller rather than a tourist, he takes delight in personal encounters with people from all backgrounds. And he does not follow the traditional path. Instead he travels to remote areas and takes time to meet people on their turf, under their conditions and in respect of their background and traditions. And he does it to learn.



"Traveling is many things. But above all it is learning. And when the learning is mutual, and both the visitor and the visited benefit... it becomes a higher form of travel."

- Joakim Larsen


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