by Joakim Larsen

December 2016



The small new Orthodox Towahadu Church under construction outside Edagahamus in Northern Tigray is run by Enati Haria. Living for more than 40 years as a nonne around Ethiopia, her mission is to build nineteen churches. This is the fourteenth.


The location is not random. In the mountain above there is a cave, which is visited for its special healing powers. More than 400.000 spirits from early Christians are believed to reside in the mountain, making it a powerful place. People come here for mercy and blessings; mercy from disease and troubles in this life, and blessings for the next.


Up the mountain we met some women who were drinking holy water from a nearby spring mixed with dust from the cave. The holy water is believed to have have healing effect.


Further up the mountain we visited the cave - the last bit of crawling barefoot in respect for the sacredness of the place.


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