Pedal Power




by Joakim Larsen

August 2015


A photo essay from the streets of Copenhagen



BIKES BIKES BIKES... Bikes everywhere. City bikes, tour bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, city bikes, tandem bikes, bikes for handicapped, one wheeled, two wheeled and three wheeled bikes, tall bikes, low bikes, load bikes, custom made bikes, funny bikes, decorated bikes, generic bikes, family bikes, electric bikes, freestyle bikes & work bikes. It's pure pedal power!



Copenhagen, 1,5 million citizen capitol of Denmark, and maybe with one of the best bicycle infrastructures in the world. A flat city and the relatively appropriate climate enables citizens to bicycle all the year round. And the high tax on cars, expensive fuel and public transport, inspires many Copenhageners to take the bicycle, rather than going by car or bus. Bicycling is often faster and more convenient - and definitely much cheaper.




You are number 13644 today. And number 3562333 this year cycling past here.

HAVE A NICE TRIP and thank you for bicycling in the city!




Going home from work and school




City Bikes - the much discussed GoBikes - for rent. In strategic places throughout the city you find city bike stands. Here you can pick up your city bike and hand it in after ended use. Bikes are equipped with a tablet with GPS, city maps and other relevant information.



One of the MANY bicycle shops in Copenhagen...



Bicycles are referred to the bicycle basement

Parked bicycles will be removed without responsibility



Different purpose, different bike




Lots of lanes and routes - and expensive signage...

throughout the city. "Improving the bicycle infrastructure gives votes..."





A strong lobby for the improvement of bicycle conditions in the streets of Copenhagen




Equality on all levels - bringing him home...




A quiet moment for the bicycle taxi driver...



A sea of bicycles... around Noerreport Station, the busiest station in the country

and with the largest areas for bicycle parking... on the Planet, maybe??




More bicycles around Noerreport Station




GoBike - city bikes for rent

and a VERY costly investment for the Copenhagen tax payers




Well developed bicycle infrastructure around the city hall square.

Good bicycle lanes give votes for the local politicians...




A long tradition of bicycling, a strong lobby, a flat terrain, combined with high taxes on cars, fuel and high prices for parking in the inner city, are good incentives and strong drivers to increase the number of bicycles

in the city of Copenhagen.




More bikes than cars during rush hours on one of the busy bicycle streets of Copenhagen.

On certain streets the number of bikes by far outnumber the number of cars.

The rearrangement of traffic is a big succes - for the traffickers anyway.



Sharing is happiness...