Addis Ababa, primo February 2017

by Joakim Larsen




The Christian Orthodox celebration of Timkat – Epiphany or the Babtism of Christ – is to me the most beautiful and interesting Ethiopian festival of the year.


It is a celebration of joy and happiness that is held throughout the country; the most famous and visited place being Gondar in Amhara Region, in Northern Ethiopia.


In Addis Ababa too, people in the thousands crowd the streets, following the processions of priests from the different churches carrying copies of the Ark of the Covenant, surrounded by prominents and high profiles, church choirs and devoted followers.


Back and forth are running relentlessly young men with red carpets that is continuously rolled out and swept by young maidens in front of the priests. Meanwhile other groups of people are dancing and singing wildly to the beatings of the large church drums. This festival is intense and it goes on for three days…


In the photographs below we follow on the first day the procession going from St. George Church in Arada, Addis Ababa to Jal Meda in Arat Kilo. From day two there are photos from Jal Meda, with people gathering early in the morning to attend the ceremonial babtism and later walk from Jal Meda to the respective churches, here St. Mary Church in Arat kilo. There are no photos from day three.



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